August 16, 2010

It stuck me recently that our political system could be categorized very simply: secular purtians vs. religious puritans. (I remember a bumper sticker: JP II for president!)

Also, I wonder if there is anything more harmful to Christianity than leadership training. Charismatics can especially be annoying in this area. I know a guy who runs a gym, and during basketball pick-up games, he assigns fouls--or rather delegates them--according to what each person "needs" spiritually. What ass-like behavior: but a true leader.

Of course, if you've ever seen me play basketball you'd know that the carnage engendered does cry out for a little order. Still, these people show up wherever Christians gather (with their Protestant perfectibility) and everyone with any sense has to run for cover.

I think Charismatic, and other, "leaders" should grovel, get all fawning over the fact that they have been included at all. After all, no one more clearly deserves not to be.

August 2, 2010

We're watching Michael Wood's video IN SEARCH OF SHAKESPEARE again. Great enthusiasm and cinematography, fun. The phrase "Secular wisdom" occurred to me. I don't know if we'll be around on this plane for the Catholic version, but that will be a sight to see. Someone with that honeyed tongue and insight delivering plays which embody a more heavenly/sacramental version.

I wonder what it was like, being in the room when he came up with that stuff. It's like St. Francis. How cool would it have been to take a two mile walk with mr. four foot ten?