July 5, 2009

About David

David Craig and Familly David Craig has published nine collections of poetry: THE SANDALED FOOT (Cleveland State University Poetry Center,'80), PSALMS (Park Bench Press, '82), PETER MAURIN AND OTHER POEMS (Cleveland State University Poetry Center, '85), MARCHING THROUGH GAUL (Catholic University of America, '90), ONLY ONE FACE (White Eagle Coffee Store Press, '94), THE ROOF OF HEAVEN (Franciscan University Press, '98), MERCY'S FACE, NEW & SELECTED POEMS, 1980-2000 (Franciscan University Press, '00), SONNETS FROM MATTHEW, Franciscan University '02), and HIVE OF THE SAINTS (iUniverse, 2005). He has, as well, published three works of fiction: one a fictional spiritual biography, THE CHEESE STANDS ALONE (CMJ Press, '97), one a novella, OUR LADY OF THE OUTFIELD (CMJ Press, '00), and one a satirical novel, A COMMUNION OF S(AINTS) (iUniverse, '03). His poetry has been widely anthologized, most significantly in David Impastato's UPHOLDING MYSTERY for Oxford University Press where he shared space with only 12 other poets in the English-speaking world. Thirty-two of his poems are included there. In 1994 he co-edited, with Janet McCann, an anthology of contemporary Christian poetry for Harold Shaw Publishers entitled ODD ANGLES OF HEAVEN, and in May of 2000 they released an anthology of contemporary Catholic poetry from Story Line Press entitled PLACE OF PASSAGE. Currently, the two of them are working on an anthology of Franciscan poems for St. Anthony Messenger Press, which is due out in '05. It will be called POEMS OF FRANCIS AND CLARE. He holds M.F.A. and Ph. D. degrees from Bowling Green State University and teaches Creative Writing as a Professor at the Franciscan University of Steubenville. He lives in Wintersville, Ohio with his wife Linda and their three children, David Thomas, Jude Francis, and Bridget Jean.

Dr. Craig in the News

Posted: Thursday, June 29, 2006

English Professor's Poetry Selected Among "Best" of Christian Literature

STEUBENVILLE, OHIO—The work of a Franciscan University professor acclaimed as one of today's foremost religious poets will be featured among the "best" of Christian literature in a new reference series volume.

Mercy's Face (2000), a collection of poetry authored by English professor Dr. David Craig, is one of approximately 500 titles selected by Salem Press for the Christian literature volume of its Masterplots series, due out in 2007.

The volume, which will include essays that cover classics of Christian literature such as Acts of the Apostles and St. Augustine's City of God, also will feature modern selections such as C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity and J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings; Casti Connubii, Humanae Vitae, and other papal encyclicals; and No Greater Love by Mother Teresa.

"It's a nice little surprise God springs on you once in awhile," says Craig, whose repertoire includes nine collections of poetry, three co-edited anthologies, three novels, and an unpublished play about Blessed Margaret of Castello. Craig and his 13-year old son, David, are also currently working on "The Queen's Gambit," a novel geared toward a middle-school age audience.

Dr. John Holmes, Craig's colleague in the English Department and a past contributor to the Masterplots series, says that given the tremendous scope of the selections, "just to be included at all is quite an honor."

Holmes pointed out that the series is one of the first stops for students researching scholarly criticism of a work. "Craig's book might start showing up on more curricula," he said.

The Masterplots II: Christian Literature volume will also include essays on several works by poets featured in the chapbook series edited by Craig and published by Franciscan University Press.

Craig received his undergraduate degree in English from Cleveland State University, an MA in English from Colorado State University, and a master's in fine arts in creative writing and a doctorate in English from Bowling Green State University. Since 1988 he has taught a variety of courses at Franciscan University, including Studies in Poetry, Creative Writing, and Modern Poetry. A member of the American Poetry Society, he and his wife of 14 years, Linda, live with their three children in Weirton, West Virginia.