January 1, 2010

Words for me in the new year:

Sirach 51: 23-30

Come close to me, you ignorant,
take your place in my school.
Why complain about lacking these things
when you souls are so thirsty for them?
I have opened my mouth, I have said:
'Buy her without money,
put your necks under her yoke,
let your souls receive instruction,
she is near, within your reach.'
See for yourselves: how slight my efforts have been
to win so much peace.
Buy instruction with a large sum of silver,
thanks to her you will gain much gold.
May your souls rejoice in the mercy of the Lord,
may you never be ashamed of praising him.
Do your work before the appointed time
and at the appointed time he will give you your reward.

"Within your reach" or in another version "near at hand." What is necessary to live a fasted life is always so close, isn't it? Get out of the chair, help, or don't eat something: the little thing, always the little thing, because that is all we get.

My God bless us. May we live like John XXIII did, in simplicity and humility, obedient.

"Put your neck under her yoke."