June 13, 2010


Since there's so little at Blockbuster, we usually get our videos from the library. But even there I have to pray for guidance. Something good, Lord! Does He answer is often the question, though my stockpile of virtue may have something to do with that. Anyway we picked up THE SOLOIST with Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr. Great movie for the most part. "Jesus gonna be here, gonna be here soon. . . . He's gonna cover us up with leaves, with a blanket from the moon," or so goes the Tom Waits song. So much destitution, lost folk. But what great heart on the part of the squishy LA Times reporter. Moving stuff. Of course, like any Hole-ywood film these days Christianity must be assaulted. Fundamentalism in this case, the invader with no compassion, just his body-less cross. I suppose I could be happy that the other enemy wasn't involved: the Church. But why so these secular Puritans feel this need?

Oh well, take what good you can find. Nice movie. Praise God for the "wound of love."