August 16, 2010

It stuck me recently that our political system could be categorized very simply: secular purtians vs. religious puritans. (I remember a bumper sticker: JP II for president!)

Also, I wonder if there is anything more harmful to Christianity than leadership training. Charismatics can especially be annoying in this area. I know a guy who runs a gym, and during basketball pick-up games, he assigns fouls--or rather delegates them--according to what each person "needs" spiritually. What ass-like behavior: but a true leader.

Of course, if you've ever seen me play basketball you'd know that the carnage engendered does cry out for a little order. Still, these people show up wherever Christians gather (with their Protestant perfectibility) and everyone with any sense has to run for cover.

I think Charismatic, and other, "leaders" should grovel, get all fawning over the fact that they have been included at all. After all, no one more clearly deserves not to be.