January 29, 2011

Just saw some Coen brothers, recommended. Loved RAISING ARIZONA and FARGO, but found NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN less interesting. The antagonist could not sustain the metaphorical weight given him, became too much "the symbol."

Reading early Yeats and Pound again for tehe start of Modern Poetry. You have to find ways to talk about early Yeats: the place of the imagination in all our lives. But he's always a treat for me. As for the first 33 pp of Pounds SELECTED, a big task. First couple pretty weak, but I see "Altaforte" and "The Seafarer" coming up, which are always great to do--the hope of finding nuggets.

Saw a sign on Sr. Paruch's door: "To teach is to learn again." Yea--but now how do I find time to write as well? Praise God who orders our days.

P.S. Doing Medieval Lit for John Holmes who's off on sabbat. Major fun. The above "S.": the original, and "The Wanderer." Great poems! Those folks are great because they weren't so full of manure as are the poets who come after. Oprah did not exist yet, or any (many?) of her forebears. "A dark view of life"? Na, right on baby. Obedience, heroic virtue, how to love and Mr. D. Face your death, Op. It's your only chance.

La-la. They make me happy.