March 31, 2011

We've gotten into the romances in Middle English: "King Horn," "Sir Orfeo," "Ywain and Gawain." They make you appreciate Monty Python. All the great pathos of the Anglo-Saxon works is gone, now it's all silly French mincing. (I've just xeroxed some Marie de France, want to see how the French really do it!)

A good line about "Horn": if it weren't a romance, it would be a great parody of one. ("We're knights of the round table,/quite indefatigable . . .")

Richard Rolle was fun, and we get to Piers soon. So I'm looking forward to a big finish: the Green Knight, a little Chaucer, Julian of Norwich, Margery Kempe. Much tension, though. I'm not John Holmes. Still, Jesus has been very generous in his leading.