December 18, 2011

Just saw Chesterton's THE SURPRISE on EWTN, and I'm trying to figure out if it's the orthodox version Hollywood's HUGO. Both surely sucked. Man I really don't like Chesterton. He's a very smart guy who just can't stop whacking you over the head with the flying pan of truth. (My wife left the room screaming.)

Did Chesterton write anything worthwhile? Well, I remember some journalistic stuff I liked. His bio of Francis I never liked--it's not about Francis. It's about Chesterton talking about St. Francis.

One should be charitable. Different strokes and all that.

Last spring several students read Chesterton's poem on King Alfred in the Medieval class. (I was covering for a colleague.) That poem was horrible, or rather suitable for 14 year old males. Not adults.

The funniest thing about the play on EWTN is how the President of the Chesterton Society reveled in his glee at the end of the play, as if he'd hit the mother load of literary wisdom.

Hopefully I'll feel more charitable tomorrow. But that was a bad, bad play. Are Catholic's so insecure that they have to make sure of the content before they can see or read anything.

I don't get it. (And if I ever get into heaven, will Chesterton hit me?)