July 1, 2012

Just started reading a new bio on Ezra Pound, by some Greenwich Village writer--all the horrible either/or thinking when it comes to the human condition and religion.  But the facts is good.  Made me think of P's usura.  At the same time I came across, in my readings on St. Anthony of Padua, a tirade against usurers.  As I thought about it, both are right on the money.  Usuary is a major, perhaps the major problem in our culture: making money on money.  It has destroyed the environment, set people against people, created a world where money matters more than people.

When Jesus physically re-establishes Himself on this earth, it will be gone!

In the meantime I wonder how long it will be before we must suffer for our faith.  Obama, Oprah and the boys aren't using guns yet, but one wonders how long it will be until they do.  One thing is sure, we won't hear about it on the news.

Unrelated, saw BRAVE with my son and it occurred to me that Catholic have a huge advantage when it comes to writing fantasy or sci-fi stories (I'm doing a 406, Fiction Writing--this summer) in the current environment.  Why?  Because our world coheres, as Catholics we can write stories which make sense, which feed the readers, and not necessarily because they are overtly Christian.  They can be stealthily so.  But young fiction writers, the world is your oyster.  Find a way to write from a Catholic perspective without tipping your hand, mold that writing to the styles accepted, and bingo, I think we'll be some real big hitting going on.

Praise God.  May it be so.